A Lesson in Perception and Judgement!

I have always been a very methodical and structured person. That isn’t always a bad thing, but it does limit you from expanding your knowledge and experiencing variety.

As a life coach, I’ve always used a set format during my sessions with clients. This has worked well, and my clients have achieved much success and personal growth. Everything was all packaged nice and neatly in a box, until I met Kim and Casey!!

Kim and Casey are on the total opposite spectrum of “structured and methodical”.

I’ll go back to when I first met Kim and Casey…..

Kim came highly recommended when I was looking for a hairdresser, so I phoned and made an appointment. That phone call became a pivotal moment in my life!  I actually wondered if I’d come to the right place when I rang the door bell and Casey opened the door, because there stood a man covered in tattoos!

I grew up in very protected environment in South Africa, in a small town called East London. The only people who had tattoos were criminals and ducktails. Do any of you even remember that word?? If I were to describe a ducktail, I would compare him to John Travolta in Grease. As much as I’d like to pride myself, and have worked hard at  not judging people, I found myself always avoiding people with a lot of tattoos, which in itself is a judgment! One or two were acceptable in my mind, but I struggled when a body was covered in them.

When I walked into the salon, Sue (who has also become a good friend) was in the process of adding another tattoo to her collection. She took the time to explain, that far from being random, each of her tattoos told a story about her life. She has a beautiful angel on her back (done by Casey) as a reminder of the presence of her guardian angel, who saved hers and her husband’s life after a terrible motorbike accident.

To cut a long story short, my appointment was for 10:00 am, and I ended up leaving the salon at bout 2:00 pm!! All I had was a cut and colour! We had so much to talk about that Kim had to turn my chair around so I could face Casey and Sue.

I left there with a strong sense of knowing that there was a profound reason the universe steered me there that day….. and it had nothing to do with finding a good hairdresser!!

Casey and Kim have not only become clients of mine, they have become good friends, as well as my teachers. They have taught me not only to think “out of the box”, but that there is no box!

I arrived there on Wednesday and was presented with an absolutely beautiful piece of art that they had created for me. It describes how they see me through their eyes! I was blown away!! It was one of the nicest and most beautiful things that anyone has ever done for me, and I will always treasure it! I wish I knew how to post it here, and as soon as I work it out I will share it for all to see. You can view it on my Face Book page though.

I know that as much as I have to teach Casey and Kim as a life coach, they have as much, if not more, to teach me about life! I also know that they will both feature more than once in my blogs, because they will be amongst my biggest teachers…..

Thank you Casey and Kim for being a part of my life!

If I had allowed my preconceived ideas about people with tattoos, and passed judgement based on that perception, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of getting to know these two beautiful people.

Makes you think, doesn’t it!

Until next time….. shine your light with love.

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  1. casey41 says:

    You have an impact on us that is undeniable….
    You challenge my thinking and the way i look at everything ……the universe truly has blessed us with your love and guidance ….I hold you close to my heart and look forward to the growth and the challenges that lie ahead.

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