Gratitude List

So much has happened in my life in the last year that I’ve forgotten about what’s important! One of the things that has affected my life is neglecting to add to my gratitude list, which is sad because I really have so much to be grateful for!

A friend of mine started a “Gratitude” group on face book this week and added me as a member. It very quickly reminded me where my attention and focus was lacking……. Reading everyone’s posts everyday has uplifted me so much, and inspired me to continue with my own list on a regular basis……..

For all those who, like me, started and allowed life to get in the way, please resume your list……… it really does lift your vibration and attracts more to be grateful for! I started posting on her FB page 3 days ago and my life has already changed for the better…….

Makes you think, doesn’t it….?

With love, light and hugs,



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