WOW Moment!

Had a WOW moment today….!

We’ll start at 5.00 am this morning when the alarm signalled the start of a brand new day. I got up, like I do every weekday morning, to meditate. For some reason week ends don’t seem to count. It’s kind of like I’m giving myself a break. I’m still working on that one, lol!).

Before I digress too much……

A part of my Qabalah homework this week is to meditate whilst reflecting on a window, and the mantra is “I AM”.

I lit all my candles and started my meditation. Nothing was happening. I decided to meditate again once the family had left to start their day, and use music this time. Although it was relaxing and I really enjoyed it, still nothing seemed happen. I immediately started to doubt myself and wondered why I wasn’t “getting It”? I took a break and checked face book, and  “I am my path” and “I am my journey” stood out on the screen. I wrote it down, and continued with my day……

I had made arrangements to visit some friends, who had asked me change the energy in their home using my Tibetan bells. It was also a reason to get together for a cup of coffee, and exchange perceptions and beliefs, to just enjoy each others company!

We opened windows and doors before we began, not only to bring in fresh air, but also to create a path for the energy to flow.  I started in the basement and hit the bells against each other,  at the same time moving around the room. Those of you who know what it sounds like will understand when I say this; the sound they make is clear and pure. As I moved upstairs, I could actually feel the energy start to lift.  I instinctively started smiling, I was actually beaming, and so was everyone else. It was beautiful!

As I was leaving, one of my friends mentioned that he had frequently  dreamed about windows over the last few nights.  I interpreted that to mean it was a sign for him to open up to new energy and new possibilities.

I decided to take the scenic route home again, and once again it played a part in a major shift for me! That drive helped me realize that “I am the window”, the conduit to the light for people who are looking for it, are inspired to switch it on, and who will teach and inspire me. That is what my intuition is telling me!

A truly joyous moment!!

Life is good!!

Until next time…….

With love, light and peace,


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