Believe in Your Ideas

Hello to all my friends……

I experienced a bit of self doubt in some of my ideas and beliefs this morning. Whenever this happens, I ask for guidance and consult my “Daily Guidance from Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue and they ALWAYS come through for me! This was their reply……

“Many of your ideas are answers to your prayers. When you pray for Divine assistance, we angels often answer by whispering suggestions into your ear for you to hear as thoughts, feelings, visions, or actual words. For instance, if you pray for financial help, we might send you an insight that could increase your income.

As with other gifts that you receive, our messages are to be opened, used and enjoyed. Never doubt your capacity to breathe life into a concept. You’re God’s wise child and have the same capabilities as any other person.

Today we ask you to believe in your ideas. Begin by writing them down; then consult with us frequently, and we’ll help you develop a plan of action. The energy that you put into this process now brings great blessings in the future. Nurture your idea and it will care for you after it’s developed.”

I feel so much better now, my faith and belief in myself are restored and I’m back on track…..!

Thank you Doreen Virtue for putting these messages to paper and thank you Kathy for giving me this book.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time…..

With huge amounts of love, light and hugs,


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