Hello friends,

I trust that this glorious new day will bring you everything you wish for!

Today I want to talk about forgiveness……

In order to feel free, you must forgive everyone in your life that you believe has betrayed you in some form or another. This may feel like a daunting exercise to begin with, but it ends up being so liberating!

It’s extremely daunting for many people. The older you are, the more daunting it may seem. The longer we hold onto things and situations, the more we identify ourselves as “the one who was betrayed,” or “the one who did something wrong” or “the one who was hurt”. It’s such a valuable lesson to realize that these hurts do not define you, and are not your true identity, nor will they ever be.

If we become identified as the one who was hurt, or the one who made a mistake, then we’ll always be playing small and living on the “effect” side of life. We’ll always be living less than what our true potential is. It’s time to live at “cause” and say “enough is enough!” You are the only one who can decide. That’s why I share what I do, because it was the path of liberation for me, and it still is! I see it as a “work in progress”.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time………

Love, light and hugs,


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