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Wishing you all a wonderful, prosperous New Year filled with endless possibilities and abundance!

Today I want to talk about healing…….

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in his bladder about 18 months ago. The urologist removed the malignant growth and was very confident that he got it all. Subsequent tests were initially clear but then the cancer came back in a different place, twice!! I believe the cancer keeps manifesting itself because of a past event or events that he hasn’t dealt with on an emotional level, and until he does, this disease will keep returning. If he can believe and trust the power of his Unconscious Mind, he will heal and this horrible dis-ease will never return! I am currently working with him on this…..

Your body can and does heal itself! When you cut yourself or graze your knee, what happens? Your mind sends a message to that part of your body through your neurological system and it immediately starts the process of healing. Now, when a significant emotional event happens in your life and you attach a meaning to it that doesn’t serve you, it causes a blockage somewhere in your body and the healing message doesn’t get through. The message is diverted and ends up in another part of your body and creates confusion, causing dis-ease.

Let me explain myself…….

When a past significant, emotional event happens, you attach a meaning to it according to your beliefs and value system at the time. Remember, an event has no meaning until YOU give it meaning. Because one of the prime directives of the Unconscious Mind is to preserve the body, it files it away until it feels you are ready to deal with it. Very often you think you have, but in reality you haven’t! This is why sometimes, things that have happened in the past, pop into you head every now and again and you just push it aside. Has this ever happened to you? This is because your inner filing system is getting full of unresolved, negative emotions, and your Unconscious Mind wants you to deal with it so that it can finally shred it!! This can only happen once you look at it differently, and get a positive learning from it (change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change). Only then can you move on….

For many ill people, the perfect, happy ending is elusive. I believe it’s because their faith and their belief in the power of their mind isn’t strong enough. The negative thoughts and doubts (no matter how small) that they have going on inside their heads are determining their outcome. You will often hear people say “it’s mind over matter”, this is a profound statement and to be taken seriously! It is human nature to hope for the quick reversal, the sudden recovery, but the path might be full of twists and turns and longer than expected. There may be lessons to be learned along the way, you just have to keep at it!

When it comes to transcending deep-seated problems, one of the most important keys is the willingness to change your most entrenched habits and beliefs – your un-serving behaviours, your unhappy job, your impossible schedule etc. You must let go of anything that is holding you back. The experience of stepping out of your comfort zone is almost always scary, but absolutely necessary if you are to heal and grow, and the rewards are limitless!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time…..

Love, light and hugs,





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