Love, Growth and Gratitude

Good day to all my wonderful friends!

I want to meet and surround myself with people who walk their talk, who live their lives practicing unconditional love, gratitude for all that they have, who extend kindness toward their fellow man and just being nice to everyone they meet!

Let us all decide that today is the day we will begin to treat everyone who cross our paths (regardless of religious beliefs), exactly how we would like to be treated and see the response that we get! We must bear in mind that people are not their behaviour – they are so much more than that and they are doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

Let us see the good in them and perceive them as magnificent creations, capable of anything they set their minds to! Let us expand our resources and set examples of how living a life of growth and contribution can make such a difference to everything and everyone around us.   Let us ensure that all our intentions and actions come from a place of love and integrity. Let us be an inspiration to everyone we meet!

Start right NOW and let me know what results you get!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time……..

Lots of love, light and hugs,


PS Would love some feedback from you……..

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One Response to Love, Growth and Gratitude

  1. charmaine says:

    Hi Doris,

    This has worked extremely well for me, THANK YOU! I’m working very hard to see the light that glows within each person and it has been remarkable.

    Thank you for highlighting how we must see ourselves because then ALL the amazing people enter our lives, look what happened with you!

    Loads of love and light

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