Notice Love All Around You

Hello to all my wonderful new friends!

Every morning, soon after I wake up, I read “Daily Guidance from Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue. It was given to me by my very special sister-in-law and wonderful friend Kathy. The messages have been very instrumental in making me the person I am today. I have found this exercise to be truly inspiring and thought provoking and have decided to share some of these wonderful messages with you.

Sometimes I ask the Angel’s a question, which is always answered, and sometimes I just open the book to read what the message is for me for the day.

My question today was, “What message can I share with the world today?” and this is what came up….

“The universe provides steady reminders of love, and those who pay attention know that this emotion is everywhere – there’s so much to joyfully celebrate! Noticing this is a simple route to happiness.

Today, make it a point to observe examples of caring….. someone’s helpfulness, for instance, or a child’s affection. As you see these reminders, drink in the delicious energy being created, and nourish yourself with it’s warmth.

Love is all around you, today and every day.”

Live your day today with this message in mind and notice what a difference it makes to you and every one around you!

Until next time….!

Lots of love, light and hugs


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  1. Carol Bouwer says:

    I’m loving your blog Doris and the messages are awesome!!

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