Perception is Projection

Hello All,

Today I want to explain the power of perception…..

People or situations will never be any more than what you perceive them to be!

During my training for Master Coach we did an exercise demonstrating the power of this statement. I volunteered and was asked to leave the room. The remaining students were given an instruction to perceive me in a certain way. When I came back into the room I was asked to talk a bit about myself.

I began talking about my family and childhood describing the wonderful times we spent on my aunt and uncle’s farm and how I believed this was where my love of nature came from. Inexplicably, I then proceeded to describe how many members of the family had died and how many were left behind!

Going back to my love of nature I described the home I live in,  the tranquility and peace that surrounds me and how sitting on my veranda and just taking in the beauty energises me in a way that nothing else can. I also described that we have a family of frogs that sometimes take up residence in the house and we, as a family, just step over them when they hop in front of us. Even the dogs are trained to leave them alone. I again spoke about death by stating that I don’t even kill the spiders in the house – I coax them onto paper or cardboard and place them in the garden!

I found it strange that I kept talking about death until I found out what the group were told to perceive about me!

They were told to perceive that I had killed their beloved family pet!!!

Makes you think, doesn’t it!!

Until next time…..

Lots of love, light and hugs,


PS… I would really appreciate any comments and/or opinions. We can learn soooo much from each other and grow in the process from the interaction as well as gain new insights!


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