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Although my spiritual growth is moving forward in leaps and bounds, I still have many answered questions! I’m sure a lot of you know of my affinity to angels because I ask them for guidance on a daily basis. However, a very good friend of mine says she feels uncomfortable when I talk about angels because I should be asking for God’s help and not that of the angels. This led me to question how many other people in my life feel this way! I’ve been doing a lot of research on this subject and receiving mixed and confusing information. I again asked for guidance and this is what I found……

Why do we pray to angels? Aren’t we supposed to pray to God?

The angels don’t want us to worship them or make them into “gods.” They want all glory to go to God. So, we don’t pray to angels. We only request their help and have conversations with them.

Angels are a gift from God, and our Creator intends for us to benefit from His gift to us. So there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversations with angels.

“Why should I talk to angels when I can talk to God?”

“When people are afraid and most in need of Heavenly help, their vibrations are too low to hear and feel the pure love of God. The angels, who are closer to Earth, are easier to hear and feel when someone is fearful or stressed. Then they can lift the person’s vibrations and help him or her be unafraid and at peace and return to a clear connection with God.”

I’m sharing this because I’m sure there a lot of other people out there who are asking the same questions. This has helped me have a better understanding and one I am comfortable with.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time…….

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