Hello again to all my dear friends and family……..

Today I am focusing on relationships and, once again, the Law of Attraction applies….

If you think you are lonely or unhappy and unfulfilled, you will be! The reverse is also true. If you choose to believe that you are happy and in a loving relationship then you are! You see, the transformation has to come from within. You must work on your relationship with yourself and become the person you want to attract into your life.

I mentioned in a previous post that that no one else can make you happy or complete you, only you can do that! Instead of focusing on NOT having, focus on everything that is POSITIVE in your life. Start with loving yourself more, and you will attract people and situations that bring joy, happiness and abundance into your life. Do you want to experience unconditional love? Then GIVE unconditional love! Do you want a fulfilling relationship? Then start with your relationship with yourself.

We are often told how we must treat other people, but what about how we treat ourselves? How often do we criticise and say harsh words to ourselves when we make a perceived mistake? We have to ask ourselves if we would treat our best friend or partner the same way? We wouldn’t, would we? So why do we treat ourselves that way? Let today be a totally new day. Be aware of your thoughts. Be patient with yourself, be encouraging and say loving and kind words to yourself and watch what happens!

Everyone you attract into your life is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions and you will easily manifest them, so keep those thoughts positive! You are wasting your valuable energy if you choose to punish yourself or think you’re unworthy. Stop berating yourself and start loving yourself!

My suggestion to you is to take time out for yourself. Go into your garden or to a park, reconnect with nature, be aware of and breathe in the beauty that surrounds us. Rejuvenate your soul! Let go of all the clutter and negative thoughts and emotions that are going on in your head, because they do not serve you, they bring you more negativity and turmoil!! Go within and reflect on everything that is good and wonderful in your life. You and I both know that there is so much to be grateful for – we just have to take the time and we will find what we are searching for……!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time…….

Love, light and hugs,


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