Stay Positive

Hello all,

We’re in the process of relocating from South Africa to Canada! I’m sure all of you know just how stressful moving can be – especially to another country!!

We must sell our house and 2 motor cars without yet knowing what dates we will be leaving, because we are still waiting for our visas to come through. I set my own goal and timeline for a departure date, even though it is largely out of my hands at this point, (we are waiting for both the South African and Canadian Governments), and created a stressful and emotional situation for myself.  Being human, I had temporarily forgotten everything I have learned about being positive and having the correct affirmation and visualisations!

Staying true to my morning routine, I opened my ‘Daily Guidance from Your Angels” and this is the message I received……!

“The most helpful thing you can do in the face of hardship is to keep a positive attitude. There’s always some blessing within all circumstances, even if you can’t immediately identify it. By holding onto faith, you can elevate everyone around you, along with the situation itself.

A positive mind-set keeps the body relaxed, which in turn helps you think clearly and creatively during intense situations. Your bright outlook inspires others and may avert a cycle of downward-spiraling energy.

Vow to stay optimistic today no matter what. Always be honest about your thoughts and feelings, yet do call upon us angels and your higher self to gain the best perspective on every situation. In this way, you work through any upsetting emotions very quickly, keeping a high level of energy and a positive attitude.”

Thank you Doreen Virtue! Once again, the angels and the universe have come through for me!

My affirmation was that we would sell the cars and house for a certain price by the end of July and be in the air by mid August. What it should have been was that the cars and house ARE sold and my visualisation of the 3 of us sitting on the aircraft with feelings of appreciation and gratitiude for a positive outcome!

My stress levels are now non-existent and I am setting and achieving tasks one at a time, knowing and affirming that it will all work out in the correct time frame. This is another example of focusing on the right thing! You see, I was focusing on moving being stressfull and that is exactly what I created! What I should have been focusing on was achieving the tasks necessary for the move to go smoothly and uneventfully.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time………

Love, light and hugs,


PS! Would love to hear your comments and experiences…..

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