Hello to all my wonderful new friends!

I heard the most incredible story about healing today which I want to share with you……

A young wife contracted a life threatening virus and doctors tried everything they knew to save her life but she just deteriorated. Eventually the doctors phoned her husband and told him that there was nothing more they could do for her and it was only a matter of time, he need to get to the hospital immediately. They had a minister deliver the last rites and the rest of the family were informed.

Whilst waiting for their families to arrive, her husband held her hand and put his head down on the bed.

This is his story:

Whilst he was resting his head on the bed, a voice told him that everything would be alright and he would make everything right again as it should be. Much to their surprise and confusion, the families arrived to see the young husband excited and happy! He told them that God had come to him and told him that she would be okay and would make a full recovery!

Not long after, the medical team decided to administer an anti-biotic they hadn’t yet tried but it would take about 48 hrs to start working. Well, the anti-biotic started working within 3 hours and she started recovering!

This is her Story:

She felt like she was in a spinning chamber and two people dressed all in white, stepped into the chamber and told her they needed to get her ready for her return journey.

Today she is fully recovered and has given birth to a beautiful little girl.

Her question is “Why do you think I was spared?”

I know what I think, and would love to know what YOU think!

Until next time……

Lots of love, light and hugs,


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