Honour Your Sensitivity

Hello to all my wonderful friends!

This week has been a week that required me to dig deep within myself to change my emotional state from feelings of guilt and sadness to acceptance. Today I opened my “”Daily Guidance from your Angels” and this is the message I received…….

“You respond deeply to different energies, and you may have been confused about whether you were feeling someone else’s emotions or you own. Sometimes life seems so intense that you even try to shut down your awareness. In other words, you’re sensitive.

Today, we ask you to honour this quality as a gift to you and the world. Your acute awareness enables you to detect truth and integrity in relationships, as well as feel joy and love very deeply. Your receptiveness also helps you communicate clearly with us angels. You sense our presence and messages in your gut feelings. In addition, you take great care with other people’s emotions – you’re extra thoughtful, kind and aware.”

I’m feeling so much better now……. Thank you Doreen Virtue!

Until next time……..

Lots of love, light and hugs,

Your friend, Doris

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