Let Go of Self-Judgement

Dear friends,

I have a client today who I know has been carrying a lot of guilt, and I asked for guidance from the angels, which I always do before a coaching session,  and this was their message…..

“Ultimately, the only person you need to forgive is yourself. Any anger, resentment or grudges that you hold toward others can be traced back to feelings you have about yourself. This is why some of your attempts to forgive others have seemed unsuccessful. Until you forgive yourself, self reproach will bleed into your relationships with those around you.

Self-forgiveness is different from accepting blame. Instead, it means first facing your feelings of guilt or anger. Admitting these emotions to yourself releases the power they had over you previously while they remained hidden secrets. Your  self-candour will lead you to the understanding that you didn’t do anything bad, because nothing wrong can happen in God’s universe.

Today, forgive yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do. Release the illusion of blame or self-contempt. Since you’re 100 percent love, just like your Creator, you’re only capable of cherishing yourself.”

My “Daily Guidance from Your Angels” ALWAYS comes through for me! Thank you Doreen Virtue….

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Until next time……

Love, light and hugs,

Your friend,


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